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Question: How do I bring an issue to the City Council?
There are several ways to bring issues to the City Council. You can contact individual councilmembers directly via email or mail; contact information is available on the City Council Page

Alternately, you can send your question or concern to the entire Council to:
Mail:  Attn: City Clerk
         City of Bonney Lake
         P.O.Box 7380
         Bonney Lake, WA 98391 

Public Meetings
You are also welcome to address the Council at a public meeting.  See our Calendar for the current Meeting schedule.

During the Meeting agenda item titled "Citizen Comments," citizens may address the Mayor and the Council regarding any matter relating to city business or over which the City has authority for up to five minutes per speaker, unless granted additional time by the chair or a majority of the Councilmembers present. Groups who have a designated speaker may have a total of 10 minutes to speak.

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