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Commissions & Committees

Commissioner Application

Are you interested in serving on one of the City's commissions? If so, download and submit the Application for Membership, or contact us for more information.


Arts Commission

The Arts Advisory Commission advises the Mayor and Council on matters of the arts in the Bonney Lake  community.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission makes recommendations on land use issues such as Comprehensive Plan amendments, zoning, and planning policies, procedures and fees.

Design Commission

The Design Commission reviews and advises on issues and application of City design and development guidelines.

Park Commission

The Park Commission assists in the development of the Parks Element of the Comprehensive Plan and recommends park policies, rules, and more.

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission regulates the testing, hiring, and other personnel matters of Police Department employees.

Salary Commission

The Salary Commission reviews the salaries of the city's elected officials and sets elected officials' salaries pursuant to RCW 35.21.015. For more information contact the Commission secretary.


City Council Standing Committees

The City Council standing committees include Community Development, Finance, Public Safety, and Voucher Review. Councilmembers serve as committee members and chairs for these committees.


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