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City Council Actions

City Council Meetings & Actions

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View the Resolution & Ordinance pages for scanned copies of these records from 1949 to present, when available.

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Bonney Lake Municipal Code

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Learn more about the City's governmental structure, organization, and the function of various boards and commissions on the Governance page.

Council Sub-Committees


Council Standing Committees

The Council Standing Committees exist to review and advise the City Council. View the Council Committees page for details, membership, and meeting agendas.

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Current City Councilmembers 

Use these links below to view a brief biography and contact information for each City Councilmember. 

For information on how to contact the full Council by mail, email, or in person at a meeting, please view the contact information, below.

Councilmember 1

Councilmember 1
Randy McKibbin


Councilmember 2

Councilmember 2
Justin Evans


Councilmember 3

Councilmember 3
Dan Swatman


Councilmember 4

Councilmember 4
James Rackley


Councilmember 5

Councilmember 5
Tom Watson


Councilmember 6


Councilmember 6
Terry Carter


Councilmember 7

Councilmember 7
Michelle Surdez



Ordinance 1383 provides for an all "At-Large" system of Council representation. As of April 2011, the Council Ward system is no longer in effect.



For general questions, please contact staff in the City Clerk's Office.

There are several ways to bring issues to the City Council. You can contact individual councilmembers directly via email or mail.

To contact the entire City Council:

By Email:

Send an

By Mail:

Attn: City Clerk
City of Bonney Lake
P.O. Box 7380
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

You are also welcome to address the Council in person at a public meeting. Council meetings are normally held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month and include a citizen comment period. View the City Calendar for the current meeting schedule.

For more information on making public comments at Council meetings, visit our Governance page.

To contact an individual Councilmember, view their biography and contacts page:


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