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Community & Economic Development

Current City Projects Current City Projects
This page details some of the projects underway in the City of Bonney Lake, including City projects and private construction projects and developments.

Economic Development Economic Development
The Economic Development site offers information on the community's economic profile, assessment, and economic vision for the City. It also offers assistance to new businesses seeking to make their home here.

Comprehensive Plans Comprehensive Plans
The Comprehensive Plan provides the vision, goals, policies, and maps that guide the City’s physical development, and governs how the City regulates land use and provides urban services.

Selected Comprehensive Plan Elements:
  Downtown PlanDowntown Plan
The Downtown Plan establishes a vision of the future Downtown as a guide for private and public actions. 
  EastownEastown Sub-area Plan
The Comprehensive Plan includes the Eastown Sub-Area Plan, which includes goals, policies, development standards, and plans for water and sewer systems in Eastown.
  Parks ElementParks Element
The Parks Element includes information on existing parks and trails, and includes the Fennel Creek Trail plan.
  Utilities ElementWater, Sewer and Stormwater Plans
The Utilities Element incorporates the Water, Sewer and Stormwater Comprehensive Plans.

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