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Current projects are categorized on the map below by the project type: City Projects, Subdivisions, Short Plats, Multi-Family Developments, and Commercial Developments. Simply click on the appropriate category tab on the map to view the projects. You can then click on the project name or on any pin on the map to view additional information about the project. This page uses Google Maps which requires that java scripting be turned on.

View the Maps Page to download a 'Current Projects' map in PDF format. Check the Legal Notices page for notices and advertisements related to these and other projects. .

City Projects:
198th Ave East - 96th St East - Sumner Buckley Highway East Overlay
Allan Yorke Park Master Plan & Projects
Fennel Creek Trail
Midtown Park (WSU Demonstration Forest)
Public Works Center - Eastown
SCADA Upgrades
Prairie Ridge Booster Pump Station

Myers Road Construction

Berkshire Estates
Bonney Lake Estates (County)
Cedar Grove
Church Lake Estates (County)
Church Lake Plat (Haymond)
Highland Ridge
Sky Island Division 6, 7
Stone Creek
Tehaleh Master Planned Community (County)

Multi-Family Development:
Kahne Multifamily
Park Place Condos
Skystone Apartments
Tarragon-WSU Forest Multifamily

Short Plats:
Angeline Short Plat
Kanani Short Plat
Presidential Homes Short Plat
Seaver Short Plat


Jensen/Kim Dock

Commercial Development:
Auburn Commercial Development (ACD)
Bonney Lake Self Storage
Eastown Commercial Center (Kahne)
Fennel Creek Industrial Park
Mountain View Marketplace (Costco / WSU Commercial / Visconsi)




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